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Le Tub Polaroid

Originally a Sunoco gas station right on the Intracoastal waterway, Le Tub opened in 1975, and the first thing you notice today are the old-fashioned claw foot bathtubs filled with plants, flowers and palms surrounded by driftwood that greet you at the entrance, on the patios, dock and walkways. The celebration of tubs is enhanced with objects and treasures discovered on Hollywood Beach that were collected by Russel T. Kohuth, Le Tub’s founder, while on his daily jogs and then placed, nailed up or hidden in nooks and crannies all over the restaurant. Even more funky finds that washed ashore were contributed by the local lifeguards who would show up with nautical bric-a-brac to trade for beers. Regulars also got into the act and donated many personal mementos that adorn our walls and ceilings making Le Tub a carefree beachcomber hangout.

Over the years, besides the attraction of our wacky ambiance and the thousands of collected and found artifacts used to “decorate” Le Tub, people love coming by for the ocean breezes, dockside drinking and dining and spectacular sunsets over the bay.  Preserved for nearly 50 years it’s easy to get that Old Florida feeling when you walk through our emporium to sit on the water at tables made from reclaimed wood and sun-bleached dock boards from marinas all over the county and then watch all the manatees, fish, boats and yachts cruising by.

Le Tub offers seafood, beers, cocktails, burgers, chili, ribs, steaks, and salads.  But we are rightfully famous for our big 13-ounce charcoaled sirloin burgers. Oprah Winfrey praised our burger after GQ Magazine declared it “America’s Best Burger” in 2006. This came about because a writer for GQ, Alan Rickman, traveled 23,750 miles all over the USA, consumed 160,000 calories, tasted 162 burgers to find what he said was the “best damned assemblage of ground beef and buns this country serves up.”  That’s us, and the burger recipe hasn’t changed either.

Welcome to the history and authentic vibe of Le Tub!

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